Marketing – My Passion!

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This blog post was written by Shaylin Radford, Business Administration of St. Lawrence College. Shaylin is one of five finalists for CAMP’s first ever Marketing Student of the Year. When posed the question “Why do you love marketing?” the answer is simple for me. The psychological analysis it takes to understand the buying behaviour of consumers. The research, data, numbers, and facts, it can take to persuade a buyer’s decision. I thrive off of the ever changing, evolving, fast paced environment that keeps you on your toes. Lastly, spreading the word and market aspiring students for a post-secondary education in marketing. I remember when I was younger being fascinated by radio advertisements, television commercials, and of course, the internet. I grew up in a very small town where the majority of marketing power was from word of mouth. These advertising channels intrigued my mind from a young age with the cleverness used to sell products. To pass the time as a child I wrote new jingles for products and revamped brand’s slogans. I found fun in changing lyrics, writing new notes for music, and recreating logo’s to add more appeal. As post-secondary applications approached me, the only fit I saw was in marketing and advertising. To choose just one hero in my journey to where I am today is difficult when I have been surrounded by so many wonderful teachers and marketing professionals. I am glad to say that my hero is the legendary, Bill Crowe. Having just started at St. Lawrence College, I was unsure of my footing and inexperienced in marketing; Mr. Crowe had never met me before. I was scheduled an progress appointment with him for new student orientation and as I sat in his office for a ten minute meeting, it turned into forty-five minutes. He introduced me to other faculty, walked me through the halls, and at the end of the meeting asked me to apply to his consulting business and began to work for him. Bill took me under his wing, taught me the importance of an impressive handshake, and since then I have had the confidence to apply and participate in anything I want to as a young, female marketing professional. I have paved my own path from my family. My mom is a cashier, my dad a mechanic, my grandma was a baker, there was a wide variety of careers I could have followed, but I found my heart in marketing. I adore the passion and enthusiasm it takes to succumb your thoughts in an organization to recreate different methods of advertising. The passion it takes to drive new campaigns, the commitment for research proposals, and the delicacy of wording to make a product or service attractive to your audience. Marketing is possibly the best career decision for me, but many others as well because without marketers when would businesses know to create a new product or brand themselves differently? How would retailers develop selling strategies to their target markets? Where would accountants and human resource managers go if there were no marketers to sell the tangibility and idea of the product? From a young age of redesigning ideas for businesses, this is why marketing is the best program I could have chosen and is the perfect fit for a lifelong career. This is why I strive for perfection and look for opportunities for involvement. This is why I want to make my mark on the world of marketing.

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