Marketing Product Demos and Social: Top Takeaways

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Marketing Product Demos and Social: Top Takeaways As a student, attending events like this is beneficial to me as a marketer. It allows me to gain some fresh knowledge as I take my stride in the professional world of marketing. After all, I am a student, so I am not so threatening to the egos of others. I am also a Millennial, part of the generation whom are usually the first to tap into new trends and try innovative products and services. Thus, my take on this event will be from a perspective which is without experience, but from a curious novice. Here are my top takeaways from this event:
  1. Advocate Marketing is on the rise
We live in the age of social media, where literally everything can be shared online. So, some truly intelligent people came up with the concept of Advocate Marketing. A concept with which customers are given incentives to recommend products to buyers. From my understanding, only the best customers are invited to become advocates. These customers are rewarded by accepting “challenges” to advocate! This advocate marketing concept I learnt about is a B2B concept by Influitive. I look forward to future advocate marketing trends, as this concept continues to rise!
  1. Even Wi-Fi is social now, cue: “Social Wi-Fi”
Turnstyle is allowing retailers to connect with customers through their Wi-Fi connection. That’s pretty cool? So, if I connect to Wi-Fi in Starbucks for example, Turnstyle will allow the retailer to collect my information and “stalk me”. This solution is location-based, therefore; if I am entering or exiting the Starbucks, and I am connected to their Wi-Fi network, I will be sent offers instantly! This is a new way for retailers to engage with customers. I would be interested to see what retailers engage with social Wi-Fi, and find out who is “stalking me”.
  1. There are more social spaces for us “hip” event goers
If you ever wonder where to connect with someone from an event or ask them questions, PheedLoop has created the Myspace for event goers. Before, during, or after event feedback can be given to speakers at an event “instantly” with this App. Oh, and it’s free! I think this is really cool, because feedback is absolutely necessary for constant improvement. Who best to hear this feedback from than your marketing peers? Not only this, but networking on this platform seems like it would be perfect for those who do not bring enough business cards to the actual event. Alas, they can connect through this event hub.
  1. Content is key.
Businesses have a variety of content, but don’t know what to do with it. Uberflip has provided a brilliant solution with their “content hub”. Whether customers are viewing content on a desktop, mobile or tablet, Uberflip allows content to be compatible to these platforms. Don’t you hate when a website is not mobile friendly? What about the visuals? How content appears to consumers equates to how they will digest it. Uberflip provides really cool content strategies to businesses to generate leads, creating future customers. Companies that perform well have better, tailored content. Those are my takeaways, from the perspective of a marketing student. From this knowledge gained, I will try to digest these newly emerging trends in marketing, and continue to expand my knowledge base. After all, technology is changing every day and everywhere, we might as well keep up. So let’s keep networking and learning. I think I’m ready for the next event. About Our Writer:
Jasmine is currently completing a post-graduate certificate in Strategic Relationship Marketing at George Brown College and has a degree in Business Management from York University. She has a passion for marketing, specifically analytics, digital, and anything creative. You can find her using her skills in social media, tweeting about marketing events near you!
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