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This blog post was written by Cameron McKay, Marketing & Advertising Communications of Humber College. Cameron is one of five finalists for CAMP’s first ever Marketing Student of the Year. The number one rule in business is to make money, and what I love about marketing is the fundamental goal of adapting new creative strategies to drive revenue to the bottom line. As I embark on my career in the marketing industry, I’m committed. My passion, determination and commitment to never chip concrete again in the middle of February is a constant reminder to follow my Mad Men dreams. I’m a millennial born into the digital age, yet raised by baby boomers whose subscriptions to magazines and newspapers haven’t been cancelled. I carry a sense of marketing nostalgia; yet flip the switch to remain competitive in a landscape that changes faster than Donald Trumps views on America. As I cruise through the city and ink my thoughts into my brain I can literally feel the energy. My eyes bounce from billboard to billboard, absorbing the copy, colors, lights and placements of these ads until my girlfriend interrupts and asks ‘are you even listening?’ Sure I am, I swear sweetie, as I try to summarize her points. As the night winds down I continue to reflect. When I graduate, what skills will I bring to the table? I’m entering an industry where interpersonal skills are just as important as research. What I love about marketing is the collaborative efforts needed in order to make a campaign successful. Teamwork, makes the dream work, and finding a marketing team to work with as driven as myself literally has me tingling as I watch another episode of Dragons Den. ‘We’re going to need more marketing dollars,’ Jim Treliving says. Like many, I’ve had my shares of ups and down. I’ve been on cloud 9 yet I’ve also been humbled. I’ve had my successes but I’ve also had my failures, and I wouldn’t change any of it for the world. It’s made me resilient, tough, eager and more motivated than ever to live by the rule, ‘if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life!’ When it’s all said and done, I love marketing because you are able to tell a story through different mediums, content is king and the emotional attachment you need to associate to a product or business could be the deciding factor if new customers become returning customers. Without that, great creative, imagery, websites, integration and all the social media platforms in the world won’t play a part. My name is Cameron Mackay and this is why I love marketing.

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