Why Should PR Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

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Public Relations (PR) is an important part of marketing. PR, the practice of managing the spread of information about a particular brand or company is important to that company’s self image. At times, PR can save the reputation of a brand or promote it to new heights. So, when planning your marketing strategy here’s why you should consider PR.

Increased Presence of Social Media

Social Media is one of our primary modes of communication. Most people voice their thoughts about a particular brand or company on a social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. When good or bad news affects a brand/company, information can spread quickly through social media. PR Managers can use social media in order to control the conversation and steer it in different directions. Due to the instantaneous nature of social media, this can help brands avoid disaster or at least mitigate the worst of the damage.

Seizing New Opportunities

PR has the ability to find and use new opportunities. For instance, when a company does charitable work or gives back to their community, PR can help ensure that potential and lifelong consumers are aware of the work and create a story that inspires people and increases their loyalty to that particular company.

Great Storytellers

One of the fundamentals of PR is taking information and crafting a particular story or conversation. Whether the information about a brand is good or bad, PR has the ability to control and channel the conversation. As a business owner, you cannot expect your company’s brand to run smoothly at all times. There will be bumps in the road, most of them unexpected. Having the storytelling abilities of a Public Relations expert can help ensure your brand survives and thrives in good times and bad.

Ability to Influence and Connect

Word of Mouth is an important tool in marketing.   Public Relations experts can help get the word out about your brand by creating collaborations with influencers who can speak confidently about your brand. Acting as an additional PR resource, these influencers can disseminate information and control the conversation around your brand allowing you to achieve greater saturation within your target market.

(PR)oven Success

PR has existed for a long time yet not everyone incorporates it into their marketing strategy. In today’s connected world, being able to have control over your brand message is essential. Too many eternal factors have the ability to threat your brand. Having PR strategies in place can help make sure your brand stays secure and relevant to your customers. Remember, in good times and bad, knowing the right thing to say and how/when to say it could be the most powerful tool in your brand’s arsenal.   What do you think about PR? Is it currently in your marketing strategy?   Courtney Rosebush, Content Contributor LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/courtneyrosebush Twitter: https://twitter.com/cmrosebush  

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