Storytelling in a Digital Age

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What marketers do is tell a good story. However, if you were to ask Athena D’Amato and Jordan Monaghan of Angle Media Group, they would tell you that if you’re going to to tell a story, you should tell a great one. This is the premise they founded their full-service digital media production company on in 2008 and they haven’t looked back since. Specializing in video production, motions graphics and animation, photography and custom online solutions, Angle Media Group works with agencies and client direct in both public and private sectors across Canada and around the world. Video Marketing Most recently, they were called upon by the University of Waterloo engineering program, who were looking to improve their profile and raise money for engineering capital projects, including a new student facility called Engineering 7. As alumnus of the engineering MBET program, D’Amato and Managhan were more than thrilled to accept the challenge. Thus, The Engineer the Future campaign ( was born to build brand awareness for Waterloo Engineering and to raise $70M for engineering capital projects, scholarships and research. Targeting alumni, Angle Media Group utilized a variety of video collateral, including live action, animation and hybrid of the two to push the message that it was the alumnus who laid the groundwork for the experience, knowledge and innovation that happens in the Engineering programs. By drawing similarities in the dedication, hard work and efforts of current engineering students and alumni, Angle Media Group felt the concept would lead potential funders to feelings of pride. One Ring to Rule Them All One key aspect of the video campaign was a subtle focus on the iron ring engineering students receive upon graduation. The ring is made from the iron of a collapsed bridge and is worn as a reminder of the obligations and ethics associated with being an engineer. “This subtle reminder is a deeper message to our audience,” mentioned Athena D’Amato, Director of Operations at Angle Media Group. “This is the ring they worked so hard for and this is the ring they wear daily as a reminder of their past, present and future as an engineer.” This theme of pride in the video was achieved by showcasing the journey of an engineering student navigating through their career. The story is told in reverse, beginning with a working engineer wearing their ring and moving backwards to depict their first job interview as well as projects they worked on as a student. The video ends with a student in the classroom on their first day of class when they first felt that inspiration and motivation. Since the campaign’s launch last year, they have raised $62M of the $70M target and Engineering 7 is currently being built. How It’s Made Angle Media Group’s specific creative process played an integral role in the campaign’s success. Collaboration with the client begins with the first meeting where logistics, creative elements and objectives are planned to develop a project plan and schedule. This pre-production phase also incudes scripting the actual narrative and determining its style, such as whether a voice over is needed or if it will be candid interview based.Angle Media Next, the focus shifts to visual creation, which involves fashioning concept boards and eventually a full storyboard. The storyboard may consist of showing a visual for each scene in the video or even a more detailed description of each scene in the video. Once this is complete, the production team shoots the content or creates the animation. Lastly, the editing and assembly of clips and stories is completed, polished and shared with the client. Moving Forward So what does the future hold for video marketing, and most importantly, for Angle Media Group? “We feel there are more platforms to market digital media content, and more ways to target your audience,” said Thirkill. She listed the advancement of social advertising using geolocation and user information as new components to digital marketing and stressed the importance of adaptability. “Video marketing has changed in a way that video creation is more accessible to everyone,” she explained. “As a marketer, you need to stay on top of trends, know your audience and know how to engage them.” Angle Media Group themselves have grown from focusing solely on video, to adding photography, animation and custom web work in the past. They will soon add virtual reality to their portfolio and have now delivered 360 degree videos for clients such as the Ontario Centre of Excellence and Facebook. Angle Media was a finalist in the Video category for our 2016 CAMP Marketing Awards. Relevant Links Hero Video: E7 Video: About Author: Liam is a marketing and communications professional currently living in Toronto. Liam O'Donovan A global career has taken him from Edmonton to Copenhagen and Hong Kong where he has specialized in online marketing, social media and copywriting. He is available for freelance writing and marketing projects and can be reached at or at  

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