How to Use Marketing to Grow a Sustainable Business

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JulyBlog1-FB-Sustainability As a business owner, you are often thinking about ways to grow the success of your business. Important questions to ask yourself are:
  • Where could the company’s resources and budget be used most effectively?
  • How can I grow my business and bring in more customers?
  • What best practices will ensure my business continues to be successful?
  • What can I do to improve my current business practices?
When creating a sustainable business platform, marketing is a key factor. Business growth, increase in sales and improved customer awareness are the results of implementing good marketing practices. In order to create a sustainable business, business owners can leverage their marketing departments in the following ways.

1. Align Your Business Goals with Your Marketing Strategy

By aligning your business and marketing strategies, you can ensure the success of both. One of the main benefits that comes out of this alignment is the reinforcement of your company’s brand message and identity to your customers. Ideally, your business strategy should contain goals that seek to establish your company’s brand identity and mission statement. By taking the time to clearly outline your business’ goals, values and brand message and adding them to your business strategy, marketers will be able to create content and campaigns that present your business in the best, most informative light. This will help to bring in more customers and generate more profit for your business.

2. Instigate Cross-Promotion Techniques

Cross-promotion is considered a successful marketing strategy in today’s marketplace. It involves two or more companies working together to promote a product or service. For example, a clothing business specializing in custom T-shirts might partner with a movie studio putting out the latest superhero movie blockbuster. By creating custom T-shirts with the movie’s logo, characters, etc. both the clothing business and movie studio profit and consumer awareness is generated from the product. Cross-promotion is essentially a win-win scenario whereby your business creates strong partnerships with other businesses in order to generate a mutual profit. It also allows your business to branch out into new areas creating new revenue streams and products to market to your customers.

3. Increase Your Digital Presence

In today’s world of the Internet and social media, increasing your business’ digital footprint is a must. If your company is currently not on social media, you should consider conducting a review of the most popular social media sites to determine which platform and audience would be best suited to market your business. The online market is vast and continuing to expand. Businesses have the opportunity to expand their customer base and audience by introducing their products and services to people who might have previously never heard of them. Social media also allows your business to market its products and services in new ways. Creating content in the forms of blog articles or vlogs, whitepapers and infographs will provide engaging and easily digestible material for your audience. When looking to build sustainable growth for your business, look no further than your computer, smartphone, or tablet screen!

4. Focus on the Customer, Not the Bottom Line

To create a sustainable business, owners and executives should focus on addressing customer needs rather than solely on the bottom line. While profit is fundamental to your business and should be given a high priority, it is not the only priority. Happy and satisfied customers are integral to the success of your business. A dissatisfied customer is a dangerous entity, especially in the digital age where one negative online review can ruin a business’ reputation. Business owners should market and provide top service to their customers as it will help to keep their audience happy.

Sustainability = Success

Maintaining a sustainable business should be top of mind for all business owners that are either running an existing business or looking to start their own. Using marketing to create a sustainable strategy and reputation will ensure that your business stays on track, meets its goals, and builds its audience and customer base. So, when thinking about designing your business strategy or setting your goals, remember to consider techniques in your marketing practices that can set your business up for success. Article by Courtney Rosebush Courtney Rosebush, Content Contributor LinkedIn: Twitter:

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