The Best Ways to Go Big on Social Media

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Starting a business is just the first step. Creating a product that customers actually want and marketing that product properly are the next. To have a successful business, you really can’t negate the power of social media and internet marketing in general. Fortunately, going big on social media is not as difficult as you think. Start by identifying the top influencers in your industry and working with them. According to the online Masters in Business Administration program at Villanova University, influencer marketing – through social media – can help you reach millions of potential customers and grow a strong audience base in a relatively short amount of time. Getting featured on the Huffington Post, for example, could mean exposing over 110 million of the site’s readers to your brand and products. Other things such as interacting with users directly and producing high quality content are also great for boosting your business’s social media performance. All of these tips, and many more, are from the How to Make It Big with Social Media infographic by Villanova University. Social Media Infographic
Villanova MS in Analytics

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