The Building Blocks of a Marketing Plan

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“A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan next week” 

  George Patton, American General of WW1 & WW2

CAMP’s recently organized ‘Planning for Success in 2016’ in partnership with the City of Vaughan, had Adina Zaiontz, Director of Napkin Marketing share a blue print of Marketing Planning for business success. As we usher into 2016, crafting a marketing plan ensures that everyone in the business knows what you are trying to do and what you need to do to make it happen.
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Adina Zaiontz, Director of Napkin Marketing explaining various components of Marketing Plan

Our featured speaker Adina presented a step-by-step guide to marketing planning equipped with all the right tools that help you to engage with your current and prospective customer. According to Adina, the first step to successful planning is to do a review of your current or new business. There are some critical question that every marketer should ask, for instance, how much do we need to make in one year? Who are we targeting? Who is a competitor and how are they marketing? At first, it may be difficult to answer these questions but undertaking primary and secondary research will help you pass the funnel more easily.

Once the groundwork is completed, the importance of a Vision Statement can’t be over-stated and it serves as a compass to build the overall marketing strategy. Having a clear vision statement helps plan activities that directly or indirectly align to the overall business objectives. This is a start point to all the tactics that you’ll embed in the marketing plan and a methodological approach will go a long way. To help you plan better, here’s a blueprint of what a typical marketing plan should look like:
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A Smart formula for writing a Vision Statement

Marketing Panning = Market Research + Marketing Mix
  • Step 1: Evaluate your previous Marketing Performance and ROI
  • Step 2: Set Your Goals
  • Step 3: Evaluate Your Options
  • Step 4: Schedule
  • Step 5: Execute
  • Step 6: Keep measuring
While we all know that God is in the detail Adina cautions marketers from falling into the trap of ‘Analysis Paralysis’ which leads to either shelfing the plan or making it too overwhelming to execute. Planning is guessing says Adina, for most small businesses, decisions you make are temporary and can be undone. To download this presentation click here. For more details about Adina Zaiontz and Napkin Marketing, please visit their website. You can also follow Adina on Twitter @napkin_mktg Canadian Association of Marketing ProfessionalAbout the Author: Nikhil Savio has worked in the public relations and corporate communications industry for 6 years in India prior to moving to Canada. He is keen to help individuals, start-ups and brands to build reputation using social media channels and expand their brand footprint outside of Canada.

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