The Fundraising Effect – Real Stories, Real People

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A profile of CAMP’s 2015 Marketing Award Winner in the Brand Category Sometimes the most engaging and successful campaigns are ones with a very simple message. Revolution’s work with the CIBC Run for the Cure campaign last fall visibly demonstrated the positive effect of fundraising on real people living with breast cancer – those affected each and every day. Revolution, a creative branding agency that launched in early 2014, has a goal to help brands reconnect with customers. “Often established brands need to find their way by taking a step back. Many brands want to be different, but keep doing the same things and keep getting the same results. We felt there was an opportunity as an agency to help brands ‘create change’ through better brand strategy and positioning,” commented Marcus Wiseman, Partner and Strategic Lead.Revolution Logo - CAMP Marcus and team worked with Run for the Cure to create “The Fundraising Effect” – a program that helped reposition the long-standing charity brand not only as an organization whose research sponsorships make a real difference to the lives of thousands of Canadians, but also as a cause worthy of support. “As a cause, breast cancer had lost some of its prominence,” explained Marcus in an interview with CAMP. “Confounding their lobbying for support, the marketplace has become very crowded in the last 25 years – the number of charities vying for people’s donations has nearly tripled, and disease-related charities have nearly doubled.” But the need for awareness around breast cancer has not changed. 25,000 Canadian women get diagnosed each year – that’s 68 women every day (Source).  While diagnosis statistics are alarming, the good news is that the survival rate has significantly improved. “One of the significant challenges we faced was that there is huge skepticism in the marketplace as to where fundraising money is going and that it is being used to effect,” detailed Marcus. So in the fall of 2Direct Marekting Magazine - CAMP014, the digital campaign launched to reconnect with key groups. “The Fundraising Effect was our chance to overcome skepticism and demonstrate, with tangible stories of real Canadians, the measurable impact that fundraising for breast cancer research is having in local communities across Canada. Patients, researchers, family and friends: every one of them fighting with tools, treatments, and support made possible by fundraising,” explained Caralyne Donnet, Partner and Business Lead for Revolution. By focusing on the real stories made possible through the efforts of fundraising, the campaign realized outstanding results, including significant uptakes in page views, web sessions, participation registrations, and engagement. Revolution was one of three companies shortlisted for the Marketer of the Year in the Brand category for CAMP’s Marketing Awards (along with Monolithic Idea for their work with Motrin and Proximity/BBDO for their work with HP) and was awarded the top prize at CAMP’s Awards Gala in October 2015. For more information about the campaign, please visit Direct Marketing Magazine’s coverage on the campaign here. And what attracted Revolution to CAMP’s first ever Marketing Awards? “We liked the focus on both agency and clients. It offers an integrated approach you don’t often see in other associations,” commented Wiseman. Please take a look at The Fundraising Effect at CIBC Run for the Cure’s website here, and to view CAMP’s Awards Gala video, please visit here.

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