The MAD Mix’ Top Ads for Millennials

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Millennial marketing – The messaging is more inclusive, transparent, and adventurous. When advertising to millennials, the most important thing is to not appear as if you’re advertising. Go figure? We smell the motives of brands from a mile away and will hang up on a campaign that doesn’t feel authentic 9 out of 10 times. We have compiled 4 campaigns in the last couple of years that appeal to millennials. Scotties Ad CampaignScotties D: OOH (Out-of-home) ads exist in a truly unique space. Unique in the sense that they are an unavoidable advertising medium in a world where we block out ads any chance we get. I can turn off a television, use ad-block, avoid magazines and newspapers…but the thing I can’t ignore is that shiny transit poster staring at me while I wait for the often-delayed TTC subway. This brings me to one of my favorite campaigns these last couple of years by Scotties. “Tissue for any issue” does such a fantastic job capturing relevant moments in today’s society. The ads all generally have the same mock-up: a picture of a person in tears with two different reasons providing the same outcome. “Broken Heart. Broken Phone” – a match made in heaven. These ads have been going strong for quite some time and with that being said you can usually spot someone taking a picture of them while still waiting for that lost TTC subway to arrive. Air BnB Air BnbD: “Live There” – More than just a slogan, rather an encouraging and uplifting message by Airbnb. The desire to travel is clearly evident with millennials as we want the freshest vacation pictures on Instagram with #ThrowbackThursday content using captions such as “take me back #cuba2016”. The “Don’t Go There, Live There” campaign for Airbnb was the one that made me take notice of the brand’s efforts. The messaging was simple. Rather than feeling like a tourist staying at a hotel or hostel in Paris, why not stay in someone’s home to give you the feeling that you truly belong in Paris? The campaign is all about empowering the tourist to no longer feel like one. The :60/:30 second videos were also supported by print ads following the same messaging.   Nike: EqualityEquality M:Storytelling is one of the biggest aspects that draws my interest to advertising. Nike’s ‘Equality’ campaign does just that.  What I love about this campaign is that usually, Nike is known for their smooth, but fast paced, quick cut, action style in their advertisements, but this one has a deeper meaning. Nike’s “Equality” campaign encourages everyone to transcend the fairness and respect they see in sports, into real life. We as humans have always been in the fight for equality, which is what makes this campaign so relevant given the timing.  The spot features the narration of Michael B. Jordan, and athletes like LeBron James, Serena Williams, Kevin Durant and more. What makes this one of my favourite campaigns maybe ever is that it speaks to more than just sports. Nike isn’t trying to get you to buy the latest shoe, or buy the latest athletic wear. They are trying to make a statement. That statement stands for togetherness, humanity, and purpose.  Check out the spot below: Share-A-CokeShare-a-Coke-2 M: Share a coke must have been one of the most fun, engaging, and successful advertising campaigns that I’ve seen. What I love is its simplicity. You go to a convenient store, you see a can with your friends name on it, and chances are you’ll probably snapchat it, or buy it for said friend. Whether they enjoy drinking coke is a different story. But what makes this campaign so effective is that it ultimately brings a sense of togetherness into its branding. This isn’t something that is foreign to the brand, but I think this campaign let the people do the talking instead of the advertising. Good advertising gets people to buy a product or service. Great advertising connects not only people to the brand, but with their friends, communities, and even strangers! This is exactly what the Share-A-Coke campaign did a few years ago. I couldn’t tell you how many times I saw Facebook posts, snapchats, and Instagram photos of people proudly holding a can with their name on it. What I loved about it was that if you didn’t have a conventional name (like mine lets say), you didn’t have to worry about that. Coke had several pop-ups that had custom made cans made specifically for you. If that isn’t great connection, I don’t know what is. Shareability is what makes advertising great, and this execution was a fun way to get everybody involved. Written by Malick Ba and Dakarai Turner The MAD Mix is a platform for youth marketers to engage in material covering a plethora of topics, all from a advertising and marketing perspective. We feature articles every Tuesday and Friday at Dak-1024x681Malick Ba

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