Three Things Marketers Can Learn From Social Workers

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There are some careers pairs you might think have basically nothing in common, and are done by very different people. In the case of marketing and social work, you may well think they are entirely different jobs, with no real overlap in terms of the skills or traits needed. However, many marketers could actually benefit from thinking like social workers in some situations. A lot of social workers these days take courses like an online social work masters, which teaches them things that help them perform well in their jobs. Here are three things somebody who has done online MSW programs would know that a marketer could benefit from knowing too:

Communicating Respectfully

Both marketers and social workers have to communicate with a lot of people in their jobs. Sometimes, these may be the same demographics, other times not, but something social workers know that markeCanadian Association of Marketing Professionals - CAMPters can learn from is that whatever the age or situation of the person you are talking to, you get the best results by communicating respectfully. Speaking to people in a respectful way is just a part of this – it is also about listening. Marketers, in a rush to deliver their message, can end up failing to actually listen to what people are telling them, even though they may be giving hints at problems the thing being marketed may actually address. So, when marketing, if you think in the same serious and respectful terms about the people you engage, just like a social worker has to, you will not only come across well, but may also perform better by being able to have a ‘real’ conversation, rather than broadcasting a one-way message.

Handling Negativity

Social workers have to deal with people who don’t really want to talk to them all the time. Many families would rather social workers were not involved in their business, no matter how much it is needed in reality. Social workers learn, by studying things like MSW online programs, how to persuade people to hear them out, and how to handle the fact that many people they engage with form a negative view of them at first because of their role. In many ways, though, for far less serious reasons, this is what sales and marketing people have to deal with. People don’t like being promoted to or hearing marketing messages, and so to come across effectively that is a barrier you have to be able to cross.

Offering Solutions

Marketing or selling things is all about telling people how the product or service will make their lives better or offer a solution to a problem they have. Social workers also strive to find ways to solve people’s problems using their own professional resources and the law. By thinking more about the problems the product you are marketing can solve, you can position it better when you are talking to people. These are just three things social workers do very well, and marketers could benefit from improving upon.

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