Using the power of video to connect with people on a purely human level

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Launched in June of 2012 by Bryan McCarthy Bolan, b-Mc is a video company committed to helping companies use the power of video to connect on a purely human level. He believes video is the leader in digital communications for both internal and external marketing campaigns. “Video is a gateway for connecting people,” explains Bryan. Superior customer service is b-Mc’s mainstay. Their campaign, GAL Power’s “You are first” was a creative process of getting to know their client in a human way rather than a business way. They focus on their client’s core beliefs, which is always ensuring that the customer comes first. When writing their script for the “You are first” campaign, they not only put the customer first, however put all people first. Video Marketing GAL Power originally requested for b-Mc creative to produce a corporate video for their campaign, however after researching their competitors, b-Mc creative immediately saw a similarity in those who had video content. They had seen pretty typical aspects to corporate videos; interviews with senior managers, employees, and perhaps current clients or past customers. In order to differentiate themselves, they recommended to take a different approach of creating a brand awareness video as opposed to a corporate video. In their campaign for GAL Power, a power Utilities Company based in Ottawa, they creatively shot video portraits of Gal employees where they always try to put a human face to one’s message. Once their script was written and voiced, they were set on finding solutions to covering the rest of the spot with appropriate visuals and graphics. When it came to music, less was more, however they knew they needed something that allowed the voice and visuals to enhance the viewing experience. They had post-production sound design performed in order to add sound effects and a proper mix suitable for all platforms, including television, online, broadcast, etc. The end result was one of b-Mc creative’s most successful video projects to date. The video is looked at as ‘an everything’ video, meaning it is used across multiple platforms, which has proven to be successful in many different situations. They use the video as an introduction video in high level meetings which has helped close new business. The original intent of the video was to have it live on Gal’s homepage, however now that it is ‘an everything’ video it can be shared and played internally and externally for a multitude of reasons. Although the video’s intent is outward facing, meaning to attract and retain current and new clients, it has also become an inward source of motivation for staff.  An executive Vice-President uses the video on a daily basis as a grounding/motivational tool! b-Mc Creative The video now leads off all their presentations to both current clients and new prospects. Earlier this year they met with German and Japanese prospects both of whom were very impressed with the messaging of the video. The German prospects let it be known that the video had a very positive message of hope and reliability. The Japanese prospects said the video’s production quality and messaging puts GAL Power into a league that they wouldn’t expect a small company to be in. Both prospects are now GAL Power clients, thanks in part to this video. Gal Power was a huge contributing factor to the success of the video. After b-Mc creative provided them with their recommendations, they believed and trusted them that they would succeed in producing a truly unique and one-of-a-kind video. b-Mc Creative is a finalist in the Video category for our 2016 CAMP Marketing Awards. Winners will be announced at CAMP’s Awards Gala on November 2nd. To learn more about the event, please visit: About Author:

Cory GeorgiadisCory is a recent graduate from the University of Guelph, Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing Management program. He is currently interning for CAMP, learning the tools to becoming a sophisticated marketing professional. He can be reached directly by email at or through twitter @corygeorgiadis. 

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