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This blog post was written by William Etherington who is currently completing his Business Administration and Marketing program at St. Lawrence College Kingston, Ontario. William is one of five finalists for CAMP’s first ever Marketing Student of the Year. What is marketing? To me, marketing is a field that is constantly changing, evolving into new and exciting opportunities. Coming from a competitive sports background, I always enjoyed succeeding after a few bad injuries I needed to find a new passion and competition. I discovered that marketing provided me with the daily excitement to get up early every morning to read what the marketing Gods had to say the latest and greatest trends are. Being a driven and competitive individual, I always am looking to challenge myself to push the limit. To figure out ways to be more successful in a new product launch, campaign or to solve a current marketing problem. Marketing is energizing, when you are in a board room establishing these outrageous gorilla marketing plans that just seem ridiculous but you and the team are so excited. The ideas are flowing and the passion in the room is toxic. That kind of excitement is what keeps me up late at night, putting the extra mile into a project to make it perfect. The excitement of being able to inspire your consumer to take an action, to buy into your product and have an amazing experience. This past fall I was competing in the Ontario College Marketing Competition, we had 30 minutes to solve a business case, and 10 minutes to present to the judging panel. Leading up to the event I was excited, solving problems and being under pressure is a great thrill. My partner and I walked into our competition room, the timer was ticking and we brainstorming all sorts of opportunities. Our time was up, we went and presented, had an excellent presentation. After the case, we eagerly waited for the results and discovered we won the case! The excitement when your plan is successful is second to none. After an amazing year in the marketing program at St. Lawrence college, it has inspired me to further pursue education. I am currently planning on participating in an international bachelor’s program. I have lived in Europe before and I believe that seeking new experience helps you to be inspired by the next problem or opportunity that can be presented. One day I hope with more experience and education I can become a chief marketing officer and pass on the passion for marketing to future generations.

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