Why do I love Marketing!

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This blog post was written by Paige O’Grady, Bachelor of Business Administration of Wilfrid Laurier University. Paige is one of five finalists for CAMP’s first ever Marketing Student of the Year. When I first entered the Business program at WLU, I had accepted the fact that I would probably end up with a mildly interesting job, perhaps in accounting, or maybe finance. The creative outlets that I enjoyed so much in school – writing, drawing, designing, and painting – would be past times enjoyed outside of the regular nine-to-five. But then I discovered about marketing, and it fundamentally shifted my career path. I love marketing because it allows me to pursue my creative interests professionally. Generally speaking, this profession isn’t subject to the strict confines of a code or specific multi-step processes. Marketers have the unique ability to decide what they would like to communicate, how they will communicate it and what channels they will use. Along the way, they have the ability to creatively design every aspect of the process! This creativity and freedom will impact the way the message is interpreted. Another reason why I’ve found my passion in marketing is that it is one of the few professions which gives you to opportunity to influence how someone feels. As consumers, it’s easy to see how marketing impacts our life, and specifically our emotional state. It’s fantastic that marketers have the capability to brighten someone’s day with a cheery advertisement, inspire someone to purchase a good that will have a positive impact on them, or even scare a consumer into doing something that will better their life, such as breast cancer screening. And of course, although I love the creative aspect of marketing, I must also address the left side of my brain and why it loves this profession so much. Enhanced by the digitalization and marketing technology, the measurability of marketing efforts is something that really excites me. Sorting through data, whether it is from a landing page, email campaign or social strategy, is truly moving. For the first time, marketers just beginning their career have the potential to get near-perfectly accurate data on how their marketing efforts are working. I love this aspect because it allows marketers to get a solid evaluation on their performance and strive for the best outcomes available!  

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