Why English-only websites just won’t cut it anymore

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This post was written by Founding Member and Verbaccino President Kathrin Bussmann. To view the article in its original version, please visit The Verbaccino Blog.  According to recent statistics compiled by We Are Social, there are now 7.357 billion humans on this planet. Of that number, 3.175 billion – almost half the global population – are active Internet users, and that proportion is growing every day. That’s an amazing opportunity for online businesses, both big and small. But guess what? Most global Internet users don’t speak English as a first language. Look at the top 12 countries with the highest number of active Internet users:
  1. China: 668 million users
  2. India: 350 million users
  3. U.S.A.: 280 million users
  4. Brazil: 110 million usersenglish
  5. Japan: 109.6 million users
  6. Russia: 87.5 million users
  7. Indonesia: 72.7 million users
  8. Germany: 71.7 million users
  9. Nigeria: 70.3 million users
  10. Mexico: 59.2 million users
  11. U.K.: 57.3 million users
  12. France: 55.4 million users
Notice that there are only two countries on this list where English is spoken natively by a majority of the population: in the U.S.A. (#3) and in the U.K. (#11). And even in those countries, there are significant segments of the population for whom English is not the first language.   READ MORE HERE About the Author Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals - Founding MemberKathrin Bussmann is the multilingual Founder of Verbaccino, where the focus is on international and global marketing. Services include web content creation, social media strategy, translation and localization. Kathrin’s mission is to help businesses think outside the English-speaking box and grow beyond their current borders. To find out more about Verbaccino and its services, please visit www.verbaccino.com or contact Kathrin at kathrin@verbaccino.com. You can follow Verbaccino on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, and WordPress. For current news and views related to international marketing, check out Verbaccino’s curated selection of articles on Flipboard, and subscribe to Verbaccino’s monthly newsletter, The Worldly Marketer.  

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