Tips for Writing a Blog in Less Time

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This blog article was written by Maureen McCabe of McCabe Marketing. For more details on Maureen, please check out ‘About the Author’ below.  For many marketers, writing a blog can seem impossible to fit into an already busy schedule.  Blogging consistently and producing quality content is important, but it doesn’t have to take a long time.  Improving time management and organization and improving writing efficiency can maximize your efforts, helping you spend less time on blogging. Writing a Blog - Canadian Association of Marketing ProfessionalsTime management and organization: Start off by scheduling your writing time.  Make note of it on your schedule and keep that commitment just as you would your other appointments.  Many people find it helpful to allow enough time to write 2 or 3 posts at a time. Try to work in whatever conditions are necessary for you to be productive. There is one piece of advice about writing a blog that is mentioned over and over. Keep a list of post ideas.  Inspiration doesn’t always strike at convenient or consistent times.  So having an easy way to save it for later use is vital.  Your list could be topic ideas, titles, short outlines, a few summary sentences, links or a combination of those things.  You could use software, an app or good old fashioned pen and paper.  As long as you have an ongoing list, you’ll always have several topics to choose from when it’s time to write and you won’t waste time trying to come up with ideas. Many bloggers also use a blog­ planner or editorial calendar.  Plan out what you will post about in advance and when you will do it.  We’re all better prepared when we know what’s coming.  If you know you will be writing a blog post on Friday about golfing, you’ll likely be thinking about it on a few occasions throughout the week.  That means you will have a better idea how you want the post to go, saving time when you go to write. Efficient writing Another way to spend less time writing a blog is to become an efficient writer.  If you want to improve your skills, schedule a little writing time every day. If you’re new to blogging, practicing consistently can help you find the writing process that works best for you. Improving your skills will help you work faster and decrease the amount of time you spend polishing your post.  Once you know how long it takes to write a post, it will be easier to know where blogging can fit in your schedule.
  • Write more when you’re inspired.  Create an extra post or two and save for later.
  • Make an outline.  It helps with writer’s block and keeps you from wasting time going off topic.
  • Have a deadline.  Having a defined time frame can keep you focused and motivated. Set an alarm if necessary.
  • Utilize dictation.  If you prefer talking to writing, use dictation software, apps or speak your post and send your file to a transcription service.
  • Use a blog post template.  You are still using your own unique perspective and experiences. It just gives structure to your ideas which is helpful if you ramble or go off topic.
  • Go short.  Not every post has to be an in-depth analysis.  You don’t want to post junk, but if you have a good idea that’s only 300 words, go for it.  Other ways to do short posts are round ups or lists featuring content from other websites and highlighting upcoming or recent events.
Of course, writing a blog isn’t for everyone.  If you prefer to leave it to someone else, marketing and public relations specialists, ghost writers and social media specialists can all take on that job for you. If you’d like more information on how to incorporate a blogging strategy into your marketing plan, get in touch with social media expert today for advice! About the Author: Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals - CAMPMaureen McCabe, the principal and founder of McCabe Marketing, works with established small business owners and mid-sized companies to devise and deploy a custom Marketing Action Roadmap™. At IBM, Maureen was known as an “ideator” where she launched the world’s first PPC pilot with Yahoo in 1999. She also launched IBM’s Canadian operation on eBay which grew into the #1 most profitable sales component across both Canada and the U.S. More details on Maureen can be found:

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